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At the bottom of this page you will find a list of all our openings for:

  • Full-time, part-time, and internship roles within In Place Impact
  • Outsourced CSR contracts
  • Certification opportunities

Impact Economics uses business and economics only to create thriving communities that are economically, socially and environmentally sustainable for ALL residents.


As an In Place Impact team member, you will become a trusted asset to your community and all of the stakeholders within it. You work will result in: 

  • Businesses becoming more profitable while driving a positive impact on their social, economic, and environmental stakeholders.
  • Schools embedding (and funding) Impact Studies within their curriculums
  • Students benefitting from Impact Studies classes that embrace the attainment of the SDGs
  • Residents participating in and personally benefit from the drive for a sustainable future
  • Impact Entrepreneurs developing and launching their community born Impact focused innovations
  • Impact investors finding, funding, and helping scale community Impact Innovations purposed to help solve local social, environmental, and economic problems. 
  • Not-for-Profits alleviating some of their capital and human resource pressures 
  • Government and community leaders making their communities economically, socially, and environmentally sustainable for all residents 

Just to add even more benefits, you will also be a catalyst for:

  • Impact Studies being funded in local communities
  • Funding charitable trusts that act as community-focused impact investment funds
  • The creation of fee community-based Impact Incubators 
  • Increasing economic vibrancy within communities because all of the consulting fees we generate remain "In - Place"

One or more of the following experiences and or networks will be an asset to you in achieving success at In Place Impact:

  • A passion and purpose to build a sustainable future (this is a must)
  • Business or management consulting or coaching
  • Foundation work where the focus aligns with building sustainable communities
  • Community empowerment and development, sustainable cities, CSR, and or the United Nations SDGs
  • An existing network of business and community leaders
  • An affiliation with a post-high school academic institution in your community
  • Community leadership experience
  • Teaching experience
  • Public speaking experience
  • An Entrepreneurial mindset
  • Working with start-ups
  • Helping fund people building companies that solve social and environmental problems 

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Job Opportunities

Independent ContractorProduct Sourcing AutismCharleston5+ yearsFamily Caregiving
Independent ContractorContent Production & Copy Writing Autism & CaregivingCharleston5+ yearsFamily Caregiving
Independent ContractorProduct Sourcing CaregivingCharleston5+ yearsFamily Caregiving
Full timeMarketingCharleston1-3 yearsConsulting
Full timeImpact Economics ConsultantsCharleston5+ yearsMultiple Industries
Full timeFoundation EngagementCharleston4-5 yearsNonprofit Charitable Organizations
Full timeCity EngagementCharleston5+ yearsGovernment & Public Sector
ContractCSR Officers (Contract)Multiple4-5 yearsOther